Climate Change is real

            and we can do something about it.

Reliance on fossil fuels has brought our planet to the cusp of climate instability and global warming levels that threaten all life on this planet.  For decades, scientists have affirmed that our atmospheric CO2 levels must be brought below 350 ppm for a stable climate.


350 Eastside is working locally to reduce fossil fuel extraction and consumption, and keep our climate stable and safe.


Join us at our General Meeting to learn how you can get involved!



350 Eastside is building a climate justice movement on the Eastside.  We endeavor to bring passionate people together for the purpose of creating a world in which all can thrive now and into the future.  We focus on policy, advocacy, education and creative direct action to bring about the changes necessary to ensure a sustainable, viable planet.  This work includes, but is not limited to, replacing fossil fuels with 100% renewable energy sources on the Eastside and abroad.


General Meeting

Third Wednesday of the month

East Shore Unitarian Church

12700 SE 32nd St, Bellevue, WA 98005

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